What should I feed my dog with cancer?

Dogs who have cancer have special nutritional needs. A low carb, high protein and fat diet is best. Most commercial dog food has too little protein and too much carbohydrate for dogs with cancer. But that is only part of the story. Dogs with cancer also may suffer from loss of appetite, loss of muscle mass, decreased digestive function and inflammation. Their systems may be further challenged by the treatments used to fight the cancer. 

Canine Biologics' Integrated Nutrition System was developed to address all of these issues. It provides a human grade low carb, high protein diet with a specialized supplement mix and wild-caught Alaskan salmon oil. You mix a fresh, warm bowl at each mealtime which offers an inviting aroma and the highest quality nutrition including specialized support for your dogs immune, digestive and integumentary (hair, skin, and nails) systems.

There are a lot of recipes on the internet for special cancer diets for dogs. So why shouldn't you just cook for your dog? There are a number of reasons why the Canine Biologics' Integrated Nutrition System is BETTER than cooking for your dog:

  • Canine Biologics is freeze-dried which maintains the nutrients of the food ingredients.
  • You can subscribe so each month your dog's supply of Canine Biologics arrives at your door, ready to use.
  • The work has been done for you! Just follow the feeding guide, mix with warm water, add the supplement mix and salmon oil and you are done!
  • The work has been done for you (again)! We've done the research into the best recipe (developed for us by a veterinarian specializing in nutrition) and supplements (developed for us by a veterinarian with a PhD in tumor immunology) and the best Alaskan wild-caught salmon oil.
  • No need to spend hours each month shopping, preparing and cooking. 
  • Canine Biologics is easy to travel with. No refrigeration or cooking space is needed. All you need is warm water and your dog's bowl and a spoon to stir it together.
  • The cost per month of all the ingredients (food, similar supplements and salmon oil) in Canine Biologics' Integrated Nutrition System comes to around $400 for a 60 lb dog. One of the ingredients in our proprietary supplement mix costs around $3,000 per pound!
  • You would need to buy several different supplements and wild caught salmon oil to provide something similar to the Integrated Nutrition System and even then they wouldn't be specifically selected and cross-balanced as they are by Canine Biologics.

Find your dog's custom nutrition plan today and mix up a warm, inviting bowl of yummy food at each mealtime knowing that you are giving your dog the very best nutritional support for dogs with cancer!