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Sold in packs of four (4) or six (6), 1 lb (454 g) pouches, the NutriDapt Base Diet is one of the three components of the NutriDapt Adaptive Liquid Nutrition System that provides the basis for a low protein, low fat, low phosphorus, calorically dense, high quality and cost effective meals for dogs and cats* needing liquid nutrition. Together with the web-based application on the NutriDapt website, the system provides ease of use and disease/condition specific enteral nutrition.


Formulated by a professor of clinical veterinary nutrition, the NutriDapt Adaptive Liquid Nutrition system and web-based application provide the highest quality solution for dogs and cats needing liquid nutrition.


*The NutriDapt Base Diet may provide complete nutrition for dogs. To meet minimum protein requirements for cats it is always necessary to add the NutriDapt Feline Protein Boost.