Beagle Eating Canine Biologics Food For Dogs With Cancer

Nutrition For Dogs
Fighting Cancer

Nutrition for Dogs Fighting Cancer

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Our Approach

3-Part System - Combined at Feeding Time

At Canine Biologics our veterinarian-formulated approach to nutrition combines food, salmon oil and supplements into a single, cross-balanced Integrated Nutrition System that helps dogs continue to run, play and love. Learn more about our approach

Plate of pulled chicken
Brown rice on a wooden spoon
Canine Biologics food pouch

Part 1 - Food

All natural, high-protein, white and mixed chicken, brown rice, sweet potatoes, green beans and flax seed meal. Learn more about our food

Beaker full of plant extract in laboratory
Molecule model
Canine Biologics Supplement Mix

Part 2 - Supplements

A proprietary blend of plant extracts, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, cross-balanced for maximum effectiveness. Learn more about our supplements

Salmon fish on ice
Salmon oil pouring from pitcher to beaker
Canine Biologics salmon oil pump bottle

Part 3 - Salmon Oil

Wild-caught salmon oil featuring higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids and DHA, always from sustainable Alaskan waters. Learn more about our salmon oil

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