Cordyceps for Dogs: Plant Power in our Supplements

In both human and veterinary medicine there is increasing appreciation for the power of plants in healthy diets. Scientific studies are finding specific benefits provided by certain plants. Cordyceps mushrooms are among the plants that have been studied and found to have important benefits which is why Canine Biologics is an advocate of cordyceps for dogs.

So what are cordyceps? Cordyceps are a category of fungus or mushroom that includes more than 400 species that grow all over the world, mostly in humid, temperate and tropical forests. The name comes from a Greek word for club referring to the shape of the fruiting body (the part above ground). Some names of cordyceps include turkey tail mushroom, reishi mushroom, shiitake mushroom, maitake mushroom, lion's mane, and many more. Two specific compounds found in cordyceps, polysaccharide components or complex sugars and cordycepin are the subjects of many scientific studies. The results of some of the studies suggest that these compounds may have anti-tumor properties and anti-oxidative effects, among other benefits. To learn more about a few of these studies, visit our Research Library .

The supplement mix tthat is one part of our 3-part Integrated Nutrition System contains a range of plant extracts, essential amino acids, mushroom supplement, and vitamins and minerals. The mix, developed by a veterinarian with a PhD in Tumor Immunology, provides the basic vitamins and minerals that all dogs need through dietary supplements and ALSO provides a number of additional ingredients chosen based on the latest science for their possible immune support, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory benefits, and other benefits. All the active ingredients have been tested and found to be safe. One of those ingredients is the cordyceps fungus or cordyceps mushroom, which have medicinal properties. When mixed with our human grade food and wild-caught Alaskan salmon oil, it contributes to our unique new approach to feeding dogs with cancer. Our Integrated Nutrition System doesn't just deliver the calories your dog needs. It uniquely support your dog's immune system and digestive systems along with the integumentary system (the organ system consisting of the skin, hair, nails, and exocrine glands) which face challenges as a result of cancer and cancer treatments.

Some dogs suffer from loss of appetite due to the effects of cancer and cancer treatments. If your dog isn't eating a normal amount of food, it is critical that every bite provide maximum value. The Canine Biologics Integrated Nutrition System delivers that maximum value in a delicious bowl of food that our furry friends love! Our unique system may help your dog eat more, better absorb nutrients, maintain a healthy weight and muscle mass while maximizing potential for an optimal outcome. The result: the best quality of life for your dog, allowing you more opportunity for making memories with your beloved pet companion.