NutriDapt: The Future of Dog and Cat Critical Care Nutrition

When it comes to feeding the critical care patient, essential nutrition is more complex than simply opening a can of a multi-species critical care diet and diluting it with water. Providing the right balance of protein, fat, and calories to support the individual patient is essential to speed recovery and ensure optimal outcomes. To date, custom diet plans have been out of reach for most patients outside a university teaching hospital or large specialty center setting. NutriDapt™ proposes to be the first and only customizable nutrition system for hospitalized and critical care dogs and cats, ensuring that your patient gets exactly the right balance of nutrients with every meal based on their diagnosis. This customizable nutrition system is enabled by an easy-to-use software engineered to help you find the optimal levels of nutrition for your pet.

Importance of Nutrition


Dogs are omnivores with their own unique nutritional needs. They require a balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates as well as essential vitamins and minerals. They must also have a varied amino acid profile to support many essential functions throughout the body. A high quality, balanced diet is essential to provide these nutrients and support the health of the animal. When health declines, great nutrition is even more essential to support body processes, maintain immune system function, and reduce weight and muscle loss. Nutritional needs can change rapidly depending on the disease process involved and thus must be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Unlike dogs, cats are obligate carnivores and must have high quality animal protein included in their diets in order to survive and thrive. This does not mean that they cannot digest and utilize plant sources of nutrition – quite the contrary! – but it does mean that their diets must be formulated with their unique nutritional needs in mind. Unfortunately, many pet food manufacturers treat cats as if they were simply small dogs, formulating high-carbohydrate kibble that does not suit a cat’s need for moisture and protein in the diet. Cats also require more of the amino acids taurine and arginine, as well as a higher content of B vitamins in their diet compared to dogs. In a critical care setting, it would be ideal for these feline patients to have a diet that takes their unique nutritional needs and diagnoses into account.



In a critical care setting, nutritional needs vary widely. For example, a doctor’s caseload may consist of a pancreatitis patient, a patient with lymphoma, and a patient with hepatic lipidosis, each requiring nutritional support. These patients have significantly different nutritional needs, yet, to date, critical care enteral diets have taken a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Existing critical care diets achieve the goal of providing caloric support to the patient, but they do not consider the patient’s unique dietary needs for protein and fat balance. Diluting these diets to facilitate syringe or tube feeding also decreases caloric density and increases feeding volume, making it difficult to achieve calorie intake goals.

NutriDapt is an innovative new enteral nutrition system from Canine Biologics designed to deliver precise nutrition to your patient with every feeding. This liquid enteral nutrition product provides a customized diet at every feeding, so you know your patient is getting the right balance of calories, fat, and protein every time. NutriDapt is also a calorie-dense liquid, meaning you’ll need to feed less volume to achieve your patient’s calorie intake goals.

NutriDapt is made with high-quality ingredients that aren’t just human grade but are also human edible! The high-quality protein and fat sources in NutriDapt are more readily absorbed by the GI tract than the lower quality ingredients used by some other brands, making Nutridapt more bioavailable. You can also rest easy knowing that you’re giving your patient safe, effective nutritional support – no cutting corners here.

Creating a custom nutrition plan for each individual patient is easy with NutriDapt’s user-friendly software system. Simply enter the patient’s parameters into the system and NutriDapt will provide custom per-day and per-meal recipes using one to three of the NutriDapt ingredients mixed with water. The ingredients are then easily mixed and given to the patient – no blenders or microwaves needed!

NutriDapt is a time-saving system that provides total control over your patient’s critical care nutrition. Unlike other critical care diets - which use a “one diet fits all” approach, regardless of age, medical condition, or even species – NutriDapt provides optimized nutrition for the individual patient. This approach to enteral nutrition ensures your patient gets the right balance of protein, fat, and calories with every feeding, facilitating better nutrition and leading to faster recoveries.

The Canine Biologics Difference


Canine Biologics products are made with great nutrition and patient well-being as the number one priority, and the NutriDapt system is no exception. This targeted nutrition system for dogs – and soon cats as well! – provides precise, individualized diets on a meal-to-meal basis so you can be sure your patient is receiving the right balance of protein, fat, and calories every time.

And the components utilize human-grade food ingredients. Most importantly, NutriDapt’s easy-to-use software system saves time and can integrate with any practice software using simple PDF-based transfers of patient data. Try the NutriDapt system for your patients and see for yourself the difference Canine Biologics’ products can make for your practice.