Why Human Grade Food Is So Important

If you have ever been camping and eaten freeze-dried food by adding warm water to a pouch, you've eaten the same kind of food in the food component of Canine Biologics' Integrated Nutrition System.

Our simple human grade chicken and brown rice recipe contains natural chicken, sweet potatoes, brown rice, green beans and flax seed meal. Each component of the recipe is cooked separately in an U.S.D.A. facility to the lowest safe temperature and then freeze-dried. Then the freeze-dried ingredients are mixed in the prescribed proportions and packaged in recyclable small bags for maximum freshness. When you open a bag it smells like chicken stew and you will recognize chunks of chicken and sweet potato, the brown rice and green beans that are still green!

Other commercial dog foods are processed at high temperatures, often using ingredients that are not fit for human consumption, synthetic vitamins, minerals, preservatives and chemicals.. The high temperatures alter the ingredients at the molecular level.  The result is food that has been robbed of much of the nutritional value of the ingredients.

So why does human grade quality matter so much when feeding your dog? Our minimally processed, human grade food packs all the nutrients of the ingredients. That quality always matters but is especially important for dogs who are fighting cancer. They may suffer from loss of appetite but will LOVE a warm, fresh bowl of the Canine Biologics Chicken and Brown Rice recipe. Especially if your dog's appetite is low due to the disease or treatment, every bite he eats is critically important and must pack the biggest nutritional punch! When mixed with the specially developed supplement mix and wild-caught salmon oil, Canine Biologics delivers the ideal high protein, high fat and low carb diet for dogs with cancer. Specifically the Canine Biologics Integrated Nutrition System delivers 48 percent protein, 36 percent fat and 16 percent complex carbohydrates of which 5 percent is fiber - all of the highest, human grade quality and potency.

There simply is nothing better to feed a dog who is fighting cancer!