Meet Adler

Adler the Corgi

Adler is a 5-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi who was diagnosed with B-cell multicentric (systemic) lymphoma in early August 2021. His dad, Dakota, noticed an enlarged lump on Adler’s left cheek and quickly took him to his veterinarian for a checkup. Adler’s vet observed almost all of his lymph nodes were enlarged signaling cancer. Testing confirmed it was B-cell lymphoma. His oncologist recommended the Canine Biologics cancer nutrition system to support his battle.

“We tried a Starter Kit and Adler loved it,” Dakota said. “We just want him to feel as healthy as possible and ensure his body has everything it needs to combat the cancer.” 

Adler had his fifth chemotherapy treatment in early September and his lymph nodes have resumed normal size. His treatment regimen calls for a 19-week rotation of Vincristine, Doxorubicin, Cyclophosphamide and L-Asparaginase.

His oncologist warned his owners that he might be lethargic and nauseous following his most recent treatment as it was a longer infusion of chemotherapy drugs than previous treatments. Dakota reported Adler has not displayed any of those symptoms.

“He continues to be his fun loving self, running around with his brother,” he said. “He loves the food and gobbles it right up. Everything is moving in the right direction at this point and we continue to be hopeful for many more years with him. We have an excellent care team in place for him and that includes Canine Biologics!”


Breed Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Age/Weight 5/29 lbs
Favorite Day Adler is happiest when he is with his mom Kali and his dad Dakota or when they have friends and family over. He is a social guy and loves to cuddle and lay on everyone's lap.
Cancer Type Lymphoma