Meet Balto

Balto the Husky/Collie mix

Balto is an active dog who loves to run and play with his cat brothers and follow his mom around. One morning in October 2021, he fell over while trying to stand up, had no control over his body and started vomiting.

Balto was taken to an emergency vet hospital in New Hampshire where they discovered a mass on his spleen. He was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma and the ER vet said the prognosis was grim. The vet was reluctant to treat him.

Not satisfied with this news, Balto’s family took him to their usual veterinarian in Connecticut for a second opinion. The vet there felt he could do a lot for Balto. They removed his spleen and sent tumor samples to Ardent Animal Health. Ardent’s team extracted cells from the tumor and used them to create a custom three-dose K9-ACV vaccine to teach Balto’s immune system to fight his specific cancer. The clinic also recommended the Canine Biologics Integrated Nutrition System to support his surgical recovery and cancer battle. Balto’s veterinarian and family understood the important role nutrition plays with cancer patients and wanted to ensure he was on a diet that could best support his cancer fight. Six weeks post-surgery, his grandmother shared, “He was definitely getting pep back into his step!”

Balto had a second vaccine injection the day before Thanksgiving and the third is scheduled in late December. His grandmother reports he is doing exceptionally well. At his most recent checkup, Balto’s veterinarian said he is “acting like a puppy again” and that he “looks so much younger now.” His bloodwork was normal as well.

The Canine Biologics team was delighted to learn of Balto’s significant improvement. Paws crossed that his treatment plan, including Canine Biologics, will help him have much more time making memories with his family.


Breed Husky/Collie mix
Age/Weight 10/39 lbs
Favorite Day Following his mother around and playing with his cat brothers. He also loves to carry his toys—known as his babies—in his mouth everywhere he goes.
Cancer Type Hemangiosarcoma