Meet Catie

Catie the Terrier mix

Catie is a large terrier mix who had a subcutaneous mast cell tumor removed in February of 2021. The surgery was successful, and her prognosis is good. Catie has been on the Canine Biologics cancer nutrition system for more than a year.

Between losing two beloved canine companions and being diagnosed with cancer herself, Catie has been through a lot. She is currently an only dog, so her human mom Renee, a vet tech in Wisconsin, is doing everything she can to support her cancer journey. “I didn’t realize how much she relied on the other dogs for companionship until they passed on,” Renee shared.

“While Catie’s cancer was active, she felt great and was full of energy. She likes to hang out on the couch, but being a sight hound, she also loves chasing squirrels. Even when her cancer was active, she had the energy to chase them. Now that her cancer is in remission, she continues to look and feel great. Catie really loves the food,” Renee shared.

Renee previously had two Labrador Retrievers with cancer and fortunately for Catie, her mom knows a lot about human, canine and equine nutrition. She researched canine cancer diets and supplements extensively before deciding on Canine Biologics. “It was important to me to not feed the cancer,” but to provide the nutrition her immune and other systems really needed, she said, “I’m really happy you developed the product.” And Catie enthusiastically agrees.

One day in March of 2021, Renee was working at the clinic and forgot to bring lunch to work. A colleague suggested she have some of the human-grade Canine Biologics food that was at the clinic, and she was so hungry she decided to give it a try. “It was delicious! It really is good, and I especially loved the sweet potato. I brought it to ‘Show and Tell’ with the rest of the staff,” she shared.

Renee W.


Breed Terrier mix
Age/Weight 6/43 lbs
Favorite Day Chasing squirrels outside followed by a nap on the couch.
Cancer Type Mast Cell Tumor