Meet Journey

Journey the Bernese Mountain Dog

Her registered name is Grand Champion Swiss Star’s Off To See The Wizard. Almost 8 years ago, I named her Journey. But this was not the Yellow Brick Road she and I together wanted to travel down…and yet here we are.

Journey has never met anyone she didn’t love, and no one ever met her that didn’t fall in love with her. Her favorite activity used to be to go to the dog park and visit with her friends. The race would begin between a line of dogs that included from front to back: a German Shepherd, a Whippet, two greyhounds and Journey. Within minutes, like watching a horse race, Journey passed each one until she was at the head of the pack. She was powerful, strong, agile and determined. It was the same in the show ring…she was almost always the winner.

And now this amazing Bernese Mountain Dog and I are in another race…but this time to save her, as long as the quality of her life remains good.

Journey has histiocytic sarcoma that started on the outside of her front leg. We are lucky it was caught early and has not spread to the lymph nodes or internal organs, except for a small tumor that was recently found in her lung. Due to that tumor, and in conference with her our wonderful vet at Mother Lode Vet Clinic, we discussed the need to amputate the leg which we were ready to do.

Journey was recently sent to Dr. Moore, a cancer specialist at MarQueen Animal Clinic who started her on chemotherapy. While at the clinic, Dr. Moore told me about the Canine Biologics nutrition system. She offered me a Starter Kit to try with Journey and suggested I read the information provided. She thought it might help her. So off I went with a pouch of dehydrated freeze-dried chicken and green bean recipe, a jar of specialized supplement mix and a bottle of salmon oil.Journey loves it and spends many minutes after the last morsel is gone, cleaning the bowl just in case by magic another piece will appear. At this point, I am lucky as she has never acted sick and is eating well. Whatever time she has left is a blessing for me and all who know her and are cheering her on to stay in the race.

Bobbie H.
Breed Bernese Mountain Dog
Age/Weight 7/85 lbs
Favorite Day Visiting with dog friends at the park
Cancer Type Histiocytic sarcoma