Meet Manny

Manny the Doberman

Manny is a 5-year-old Doberman who is quite a local hero. He is certified in north central Ohio to do search and rescue for missing people and cadavers and is a certified therapy dog. He currently holds the second highest honor with the AKC for pet therapy visits. Manny and his mom hope to be able to make it to the top honor. He currently provides therapy dog services at a local hospice center and frequently visits schools and other venues.

As many Dobermans do, Manny has an extremely sensitive GI tract. The Canine Biologics team has worked diligently with Manny’s mom and veterinary team to create a plan to slowly transition him to the new diet and supplements allowing his sensitive stomach time to adapt to the Canine Biologics nutrition system.

Although often quite picky about what he eats, Manny’s mom tells us he absolutely loves the Canine Biologics system. “He does a happy dance every time he tries to patiently wait for the food to be ready,” she shared. “He has never before danced and barked in anticipation of being fed any other food. He has also never counter surfed to try to get to his food bowl before it is offered,” she said, “but he does when Canine Biologics is in his bowl.”

Manny’s mom reports his energy has increased and he has been enjoying life since starting on the Canine Biologics nutrition system. Just this week he spent an hour playing football with a relative in the yard. Some of Manny’s other favorite pastimes are taking car rides, chasing rabbits and squirrels, playing in his backyard, taking walks and playing hide and seek. He also has quite a fashion sense and is frequently seen about town in jackets and scarves.

Manny's mom is also quite happy with the progress he has made on the Canine Biologics nutrition system so far. We are so glad to see him feeling energetic enough to continue with his volunteer duties and other antics. Last week during his search and rescue work, his mom had to let go of his leash when he took a flying leap over a tree limb while on the trail of a scent. She could not keep up with him. Keep up the great work Manny!

Breed Doberman Pinscher
Age/Weight 5/71
Favorite Day Doing search and rescue work with his mom
Cancer Type Lymphoma