Meet Po

Po the Australian Shepard

My name is Emma and my best friend's name is Po. She is an Australian Shepard. She is about 5. A few months back I received the worst news ever: Po was diagnosed with lymphoma. This was a huge pill to swallow. Po is my best friend. She goes everywhere with me, I mean EVERYWHERE! I was very unsure of how to take this awful news. Knowing that lymphoma is never "curable" is many things: scary, confusing, sad and maddening.

I hadn't personally heard of many dogs receiving chemo so I really was unsure if I wanted to do chemo or not. I went to see a holistic vet first to see what their thoughts were. This was bad. I was basically told that I could try adding turkey tail [mushrooms] to her normal kibble. They said that once the lymphoma spreads past a certain point, it takes over very fast. They guesstimated she had maybe 3 months.

I left that day with a heavy heart, not knowing what to do. A few days later Po had taken a drastic turn for the worst. She wasn't eating, drinking or going to the bathroom and she had very, very low energy. I was very concerned. It was late at night when I knew the next morning I was taking her to the vet to get examined. That night I slept by her side on the floor touching her chest to make sure she was still breathing.

I took her back to the vet that had diagnosed her. They told me it was bad, she needed to start chemo immediately! They said she was at a stage 3 or 4. It had spread to many lymph nodes and her lungs. We started chemo that same week. It was my only option at that point.

Side story here. I have 5 dogs total: 2 very large Mastiffs, 2 Shepard's, and Po. We have tried MANY different dog food brands.  I even tried doing raw food! What a pain in the A** that was for 5 dogs! And Po HATED it! So we scratched that. 

I really wanted to find a food for Po that was not only good for her but would help build her health and immunity to help combat this cancer! After her first chemo session I asked the vet if they had any brands they recommended for dogs with cancer. At first she named a few brands of kibble and then she remembered! She said, "We just recently had this brand Canine Biologics reach out to us about their diet." She was amazing and gave me a Starter Kit.

As soon as I opened the box Po was very interested. The food component of Canine Biologics is dehydrated and comes in a bag. I was very curious myself so I opened it up and Po basically dug her head in the bag. She LOVED it! She ate a few pieces of it dehydrated and wanted more! I, of course, did not feed her any dehydrated, just the few pieces she stole out of the bag.

I NEEDED to reach out to your team and say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I cannot tell you how many nights I went to sleep stressing about what I was going to feed Po to help her. I am so happy and blessed that she loves your Integrated Nutrition System. I cannot say thank you enough.

I just found out last week at Po's last chemo session that she is in remission. They saw no cancer cells❤️ I am crying tears of joy as I write this. I cannot say it was just the chemo or just the Canine Biologics diet but I can say that the two of them together saved my best friends life. I will continue to feed Po Canine Biologics every day!