Meet Ryker

Ryker the Lab/Shepard mix

In September 2021, during a routine checkup, his veterinarian found a mass in his stomach. His dad Cameron opted for surgery during which they removed not one, but two large masses together equaling the size of a volleyball. The pathology report confirmed it was hemangiosarcoma, a form of cancer that invades the cells that line the blood vessels.

Since his surgery and starting on the Canine Biologics Integrated Nutrition System to support dogs battling cancer, "He feels better and has turned into a puppy again," his dad Cameron said. He has been in and out of hospitals with other health problems previously, so they elected not to stress him with chemotherapy and instead just focus on quality of life.

They learned about the Canine Biologics nutrition system while searching for cancer diets online and as Ryker’s dad noted, "We found it provided him the best balanced diet and met all the nutritional needs shown to improve survival outcomes in dogs."

Much more than just food for dogs, the Canine Biologics Integrated Nutrition System incorporates mushrooms, plant extracts and amino acids as well as EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids shown to benefit dogs with cancer.

"He is absolutely obsessed with the food and begs me nonstop to get him more. About an hour before mealtime, he starts bugging me to get him some food. He feels happy and is super excited all the time now," Cameron shared.

Ryker is doing great and Cameron said he looks and acts like he did five years ago. His energy level is up, his eyes are clearer and his coat is shiny and smooth. Great job Ryker.


Breed Lab/Shepherd mix
Age/Weight 7/70 lbs
Favorite Day Spending time with his dad.
Cancer Type Hemangiosarcoma