How Your Dog's Nutrition Plan is Developed

Canine Biologics that every dog's needs are different. Dogs with cancer have special needs on top of that. Because our Integrated Nutrition System delivers the human grade food, supplement and salmon oil separately for maximum freshness and potency we ask you a few simple questions in order to define a plan specific to your dog. 

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When you buy our Integrated Nutrition System, our simple questionnaire asks your dog's name, breed, age, weight, gender, body condition, activity level and spay/neuter status. If you subscribe for monthly shipments, you only need to provide these answers one time.

Based on this information we calculate the required caloric intake and therefore the quantity of food, supplement and wild-caught salmon oil needed to feed your dog for a 30 day period. You then have the option of a one-time purchase or subscribing for automatic monthly shipments to your door at a discount. In either case your order contains the right number of pouches of freeze-dried food, jars of supplement and bottles of wild-caught salmon oil. 

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If, before buying a month's supply, you and your dog want to try a sample of our Integrated Nutrition System, we offer a Starter Kit. The Starter Kit is a fixed quantity of our unique, human grade food, supplement and wild-caught salmon oil and is intended to let you see how your dog enjoys our nutrition system.

Given that every dog is different and some dogs experience appetite changes during cancer treatment, should you run low on the food component of our system we also offer a kit that provides extra food to help until the next monthly shipment arrives. The kit provides only the food component and is not intended for regular use. It is necessary that ALL THREE components be mixed at each meal in order to deliver complete and balanced nutrition.